I'm sick.

Burning-up-with-fever-excrutiating-sore-throat-stuffy-head-runny-nose-lay-in-bed-all-day sick. I've passed the last two days in bed and on the couch which has forced me to spend a great deal of time thinking about all the things I'd rather be doing:

1. Riding my new bike (it's similar to this one)
2. Eating a skinny chicken+rice+black bean+sauteed onion & pepper+salsa+chipotle sour cream burrito from Flying Burrito Co.
3. Shoe shopping for short booties and tall slouchy boots (since my old ones have practically deteriorated)
4. Baking cupcakes
5. Antique store/flea market shopping for furniture

Today I did four out of the five, and honestly I don't feel even the tiniest bit better.
But I did score some great slouchy boots, booties, and a dress. And last night I made some delicious French vanilla cupcakes. No one ate them, of course, because who wants to eat sick girl cupcakes?

But maybe that was my plan all along.

Excuse the poor icing job. They look really sad.


i'd just like to say that...

i am thankful for my family. for supporting me in all of my last minute decisions. for giving me financial help when i need it (which is a lot, trust me). for putting up with my weirdness, mood swings, and last minute crazy ideas.

i am thankful for the university of arkansas. the fact that they accepted me and helped me work things out just days before classes started is unbelievable.

i am thankful for missouri state university for all the memories, fun, and my best friend ashley.

i am thankful for knowing exactly what i want to do with my life. it eliminates so much stress, and believe me, i do not need anymore of that.

i am thankful for the beautiful weather. fall's on its way, folks! it's been perfect for riding my new bike.

i am thankful for the interesting people i have met and have grown to love.

i am thankful for my new car. it has cruise control and a working heater, both of which my old car didn't have. hooray!

i am thankful for my hilarious, beautiful, smart, sassy friends. every single one of them. and the unforgettable memories of them that i hold so close to my heart.

i am thankful for the silly things. like sweet tea/hot tea/coffee, my iphone, crunchy peanut butter on honey wheat bagels, tea parties, front yard camping "trips." the list goes on.

i am thankful for the numerous amazing memories that this summer brought. stay tuned for many of them in picture form.

and, i am thankful for this blog. i know i neglect it too often, but i promise i'm working on that!