Yes, I did wake up at 4 a.m. to watch William and Kate tie the knot. And it was so worth it; the wedding was gorgeous, classy, splendid, and regal. Why can't I be Kate Middleton? (By the way, Kate requesting to go from "Kate" to "Catherine" overnight aggravates me to no end. Plus she got that fancy new Duchess title... she is still Kate Middleton to me!)

This week was so crazy. I had a presentation, a paper, events to attend, an article to write, tons of reading to finish, desserts to make for a friend, six loads of laundry to wash and put away, a messy home to clean, kids to babysit, phone calls to make. Ugh. I'm so happy it's Friday, and school gets out next week!

Tonight is date night with my love. And I'm really excited. That is all.




This dreamy print makes me smile, and it also makes me want a beach vacation.

I'm planning to do some serious redecorating in my apartment this summer, and while I still have no idea what style I'm going for in my bedroom, bathroom, and living room, I can imagine that this gorgeous print by 20x200 would be gorgeous just about anywhere.


New Orleans

Yesterday, I flew down to New Orleans to be with my boyfriend who's been working here for a few weeks. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with New Orleans. Most of the people here are friendly, the history is so rich, and there is nothing in this world that can compare to the French Quarter. But the humidity keeps my hair inexplicably frizzy and the sheets on our hotel bed feeling clammy, and I'm not a fan of the rotten smell of the stagnant water in the French Quarter. I can absolutely get over that, though; I'm so excited to spend this weekend eating great food, exploring my favorite historic places, and finally being with my love again!

Here are some of my favorite photos from my last visit to New Orleans:

Charbroiled oysters with shrimp and mushroom fondue at Drago's.

St. Louis Cathedral - my favorite.

Eerie St. Louis Cemetery #1.

Beignets and iced cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde.

The sweetest home in the French Quarter!

Bee Sweet Cupcakes. This was the first cupcake shop I'd ever been to, and it started a long, unhealthy obsession with red velvet cupcakes for me.


Life is hard.


But it sure is beautiful.
{photo by Naomi}