thanksgiving re-cap.

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!
my break was full of beautiful family and friends,
great food, and lots of rest.

i went black friday shopping with richard and my cousin brianna.
it was stressful, painful,
and i wasn't a fan of the 3:30 am wake-up call.
people are RUDE on black friday!
i forgot how one silly day brings out such ugliness in people.

on a different note, there are only seven more days of school!
SEVEN. count 'em, people!
i could not be more excited,
but i've got four tests and three papers this week. boo.

how was your thanksgiving? are you having a nice monday?

p.s. the polas are sights from around town. love this time of year!


happy thanksgiving!

i've been a very, very, VERY busy girl.
and as always, i have neglected this little thing.

i've been sick. moved into new apartment with sister (while sick. boo). end of semester=school is crazy. papers, papers, & more papers. unpacking, decorating, cleaning, cooking, etc.

but i'm leaving in just a few minutes to visit
my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, great grandma, friends,
and my "favorite sister."

words cannot express how excited i am to see them,
and how much i need this break from school
and all the things that go along with my life here.

i truly hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving,
surrounded by the people you love the most.



hello, lovelies!
it has been a while.
school, road trips, and (most importantly) finding my new APARTMENT
have kept me an extremely busy girl.

last weekend i flew down to
new orleans/nawlins/nola/la nouvelle orleans
to hang out with richard.
umm, it has got to be the most diverse city in the country.
the french quarter is beautiful,
but it literally stinks. like really bad.

my weekend was full of cupcakes (!),
food that i did not like (oysters/mussels/clams, ew),
walking and driving those scary streets,
visiting historical buildings and cemeteries,
seeing the ninth ward (the area hit hardest by hurricane katrina),
speaking to real french people (!!! i was unbelievably excited),
and lots of fun!

photos: st. louis cathedral, st. louis cathedral, french quarter home, st. louis cemetery



halloween is probably my least favorite holiday,
but each year i try to make the best of it.
this was the first year in so long that i didn't go to a showing of
or go to a party with friends.

instead, i dressed up as dorothy from the wizard of oz
(complete with toto in a basket!)
and played with my little sisters and their friends!

it was so fun.
we went to a carnival at church and played games,
went trick-or-treating under a beautiful orange sunset
(seriously, it could not have been more halloween-ish),
and stuffed ourselves full of candy.

my sister maci was a birthday girl,
and hali was perry the platypus from one of her favorite cartoons.
they made their own little costumes!
i don't know how they came up with either of those ideas,
but are they not just adorable?!

i also had some spooky fun with my dad, rachel, and my dad's now wife becky.
ghost hunts scare me. i swore i'd never go on another,
and this time i really won't.

how was your halloween? what was your costume?
i heard about lots of lady gagas!
billy mays and bob ross were also pretty popular. hilarious!