I'm back.

Remember that one time when I didn't blog for over a year and a half? Yeah, that happened.

During my absence, I've been thinking almost constantly about starting a website or a new blog, but I just haven't had any idea where to begin. I've heard time and time again that starting is the hardest part. Well, isn't that the truth? The other hard part is deciding on the primary focus for a blog or website. Should it be a personal blog, filled with pictures and stories and bits of my life? What about a fashion blog? A blog full of inspiration and things I love, whether it be pretty outfits, tasty recipes, home decor, DIYs, party and wedding ideas? Maybe all of those things combined into one crazy, unfocused blog that represents every aspect of me and the things I love? I don't know! I can't decide. I've debated deleting all the posts from this blog and starting over here, or creating an entirely new blog on a different website. But for now, I'm going to start up where I left off. I have no focus for this blog right now, other than bits and pieces of my daily life, as well as lots of inspiration posts. Bear with me as I attempt to figure out this whole blogging thing again. ;)

If you're wondering what has happened in my life since December 13, 2011 (the last time I blogged), let me tell you.

*The big thing is that Richard and I finally got engaged!!! He proposed on May 27 of this year, and we're getting married in just a few short months on October 12! I know that is so soon, but we'll talk more about that later.
*My life until last May was consumed by school and writing and editing for the school newspaper. My major was journalism, and now that I'm done, I have no desire to write professionally for a while. Sorta sucks when you spend five years working for something, and then when you finish, you realize you no longer love this huge aspect of your life that you thought you would love forever. We'll talk about that later, too.
*A little bit of traveling. I've taken a couple big trips over the last 18 months, and there have been lots of spontaneous weekend trips, too.
*I got a new job, but let's not talk about boring stuff.
*Most everything else is still the same. We live in the same apartment, even though we have spent so much time and energy looking for a new place (finding the perfect place that is actually affordable is impossible, I swear!). We still spend our days doing the same things. Richard has the same job and still travels.
*We think constantly about where we want to live, what careers we ultimately want to have, whether or not I should go back to school, whether we should have babies within our first few years of marriage or put it off, etc. Lots of thought over big life decisions that have yet to be resolved. It's felt sort of like limbo, and some days I don't think we've made any progress when it comes to making these decisions, but I guess that's alright. Early adulthood is so weird and confusing.

And that's about it. Let's all hope that I stick with blogging this time. I'm in serious need of a creative outlet these days!