a few of my favorite summer pictures!

good news!
i've decided to do a (very, very belated) several-post re-cap
of this wonderful summer.

my summer was full of concerts,
more road trips than i could count on both hands,
old friends,
cupcakes galore,
roller coasters,
jumping on hotel beds,
exploring new cities,
good food (for which i'm now paying the price),
absolutely nothing productive,
and many wonderful moments with wonderful people.

i could not have asked for a better summer.
the only not-so-good things i can remember are
a) a trip to the emergency room in may after a bout with my asthma/allergies
and b) a wisdom tooth infection which left me drugged up on vicodin for days.
i'm so thankful for the audrey hepburn calendar in my closet
on which i wrote each day's highlights.
i will forever look at that calendar and remember some of the best moments of my life.

here are five of my favorite summer pictures,
and believe me when i say that there are so many more waiting to be posted:


Raven said...

Yay for wunderful fun memories of great people and places! It sounds like you had a blast...except for those couple of unfortunate events. :) Love the photos!


A "cheery" disposition said...

great photos. love the cupcakes!

Gaia said...

i'm so glad you are back on my blog...your comments have been always so nice?
It seems that you had a lot of fun in summer!

The White Way of Delight said...

CUTE blog! :) Fun, neat pictures.

mina said...

those butterflies are awesome

Anonymous said...

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