christmas tree!

Do you find the weeks following the holidays as depressing as I do? I don't know if it's the end of the holiday season or my return to school that has had me so gloomy, but it's been increasingly hard to be productive this week. It's so hard to get used to studying textbooks in the library after weeks of studying nothing but magazines next to my record player with a giant glass of iced coffee. I've left my Christmas tree up to keep from being entirely depressed, but I know that baby's gotta come down soon.


Toothfairy said...

hmmm... it's my bday 30 jan. so no sad month for me!


Cherry Lou said...

Cute tree! It's hard for me this january because I'm looking for a job but I just want to do nothing! (AAAH procrastination!!)

Ashley Lynn Fry said...

Love your tree - & I know the feelings... I feel the same way... I have found myself doing a lot of baking & crafting which makes me happy but doesn't really help with the whole diet thing! LOL But I have come up with a solution to that... I drop off my baked goods to friends & family so they don't get stuck in our house for me to eat :)