fred flare

I'm (unfortunately) a big fan of impracticality. My room and closet are full of impulsive purchases that I just couldn't resist because they were "cute." Fred Flare's impractical items have become my favorite (it's where I found my hamburger phone!), and here are some frivolous things that make me smile.

Hot shot camera ring - This would be so fun to wear.

And a birthday cake ring! I don't know why, but little cakes and cupcakes have always been so appealing to me.

A Disney Couture Magic Castle pendant. It'd be impossible to be unhappy while wearing this around your neck!

These are still just as cool as they were when I was a kid.

Oh, Holly Golightly, how I want to be you. (I wish it came with tasselled earplugs!)

This dress, possibly the store's most practical item, is so cute.

An ice cream cone lamp!

What would you do if you saw someone driving down the road talking into this hilarious cell phone receiver? I'd laugh, for sure. I wanted to buy it for my roommate Ashley for Christmas, but instead I bought her...

These funny mustaches! We've worn them many more times than we're willing to admit.

I think you get the point with the photos. But if you need some more giggles, check out these smiley PB&J earrings! This floral dress makes me long for spring. Don't mistake this "I am not a paper cup" cup for paper! Pick your nose party cups. These tiny plates give finger food a new meaning. Grandpa didn't lose his dentures in your cup, it's really just the ice. A a gin & titonic. Vintage stationery. The Dennis Rodman picture in this Let's Paint The '90s coloring book made me laugh more than it should've.


Pattie said...

I'm just like that (my boyfriend is trying to "cure" me) but I hav really cut back lately lol...but I love the blue dress too!!! WANT! LOL

Gaia said...

Hi...I do the same...I buy things just because I think they are cute, maybe for a color or something ...I have shoes that I've never put on...

pigeon.toed said...

hehe the camera ring is adorable!

stylepill said...

loving that camera ring!!! XOXO

stylepill said...

loving that camera ring!!! xo