halloween is probably my least favorite holiday,
but each year i try to make the best of it.
this was the first year in so long that i didn't go to a showing of
or go to a party with friends.

instead, i dressed up as dorothy from the wizard of oz
(complete with toto in a basket!)
and played with my little sisters and their friends!

it was so fun.
we went to a carnival at church and played games,
went trick-or-treating under a beautiful orange sunset
(seriously, it could not have been more halloween-ish),
and stuffed ourselves full of candy.

my sister maci was a birthday girl,
and hali was perry the platypus from one of her favorite cartoons.
they made their own little costumes!
i don't know how they came up with either of those ideas,
but are they not just adorable?!

i also had some spooky fun with my dad, rachel, and my dad's now wife becky.
ghost hunts scare me. i swore i'd never go on another,
and this time i really won't.

how was your halloween? what was your costume?
i heard about lots of lady gagas!
billy mays and bob ross were also pretty popular. hilarious!


the "L" spot said...

hanging out with little kids on halloween is much fun. I actually gave out halloween candy, well dressed as a giraffe it was so fun! I'm glad you had fun too!!

Anonymous said...

bless you! that is so lovely and is a really kind and appreciative thing to do and also it is so easy to be cynical these days it is fantastic that your are not embarrased to admit that infact, it was fantastic!
Tomorrow x

The Pocket Stylist said...

Your pictures are beautiful!!! I am so glad I stumbled apon your blog!!!

souljane said...

THe Rocky Horror picture show is my favorite.

I go to the Midnight showing in Hollywood probably every month. :)