hello, lovelies!
it has been a while.
school, road trips, and (most importantly) finding my new APARTMENT
have kept me an extremely busy girl.

last weekend i flew down to
new orleans/nawlins/nola/la nouvelle orleans
to hang out with richard.
umm, it has got to be the most diverse city in the country.
the french quarter is beautiful,
but it literally stinks. like really bad.

my weekend was full of cupcakes (!),
food that i did not like (oysters/mussels/clams, ew),
walking and driving those scary streets,
visiting historical buildings and cemeteries,
seeing the ninth ward (the area hit hardest by hurricane katrina),
speaking to real french people (!!! i was unbelievably excited),
and lots of fun!

photos: st. louis cathedral, st. louis cathedral, french quarter home, st. louis cemetery


Gaia said...

Cupcakes!!! My obsession!!!
Where have you been for so long!!!?
I'm so glad you are back on my blig with your nice comments!

the "L" spot said...

I heart cupcakes!!!

My "wedding cake" is going to be made out of cupcakes!

Toothfairy said...

yummy cupcakes!

I hope you find your appartment soon, I've been house hunting for so long, that i'm totally frustrated by now!


vivian said...

Beautiful home!

Kisses from Brazil and Happy new year!!!