thanksgiving re-cap.

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!
my break was full of beautiful family and friends,
great food, and lots of rest.

i went black friday shopping with richard and my cousin brianna.
it was stressful, painful,
and i wasn't a fan of the 3:30 am wake-up call.
people are RUDE on black friday!
i forgot how one silly day brings out such ugliness in people.

on a different note, there are only seven more days of school!
SEVEN. count 'em, people!
i could not be more excited,
but i've got four tests and three papers this week. boo.

how was your thanksgiving? are you having a nice monday?

p.s. the polas are sights from around town. love this time of year!


Gaia said...

I bet you hada great weekend! Black friday... we do not have such a day in Italy but I agree that people could be a monster sometimes and especially in the worst situation!

Thanks darling! Good luck!

the "L" spot said...

oh p.s.
thanks for the cupcake info! I'll have to try it!

the "L" spot said...

I love me some black friday shopping! But some ppl are really nasty!!

As for school I am right there with you!! 5 more papers and i'm done!!

Toothfairy said...

I've found out what black friday is through blogging, and I really don't like it, and would def. stay home if we had it in the Netherlands!!! hahaha


Cherry Lou said...

Nice pics <3