An Education

I finally got around to seeing An Education last week, and let me just say that I was utterly in love. The story was beautiful, yes (although I wish it had ended a bit differently), and I love a good British accent, but it was the early 1960's London fashion that really sent me head over heels. There is nothing more lady-like than feminine florals in shapely silhouettes paired with red lips, a chic up-do, and pearl earrings. I left the theater yearning for false lashes, vintage florals and cardigans, and the perfect school-girl outfit. I could also stand for a cigarette holder and for my boyfriend to suddenly adopt a British accent.


Nicole Jeannette said...

Oh! I really want to see this!

And good luck with your internships! I had two and they're great experience! Keep me posted :)

Swiss Miss said...

agree. the ending didn't make sense. if he hadn't deserted her, she would have been happy without an education. at least that's the message i got :x

you're right though still a beautiful shot and acted film.