weekend love.

What a wonderful weekend. My love and I spent it in his hometown at his parents' house.

We played with my sister & niece Hannah on Friday night & laughed at The Hangover for the millionth time.
We spent all day Saturday with Richard's best friend David. We played arcade games, drank chery limeades, went on a mini-road trip & toured an abbey/monastery, stopped for chocolate malts & fries in the town where I grew up, gorged on greasy Mexican food, and went to Richard's cousin's 20th birthday party out in the middle of nowhere.
Today we slept terribly late, had lunch with Nanna (which ended up being an all-day event), and visited my grandparents before heading home.

I love simple weekends like this one! I'd have to say my favorite part came at the very end, sipping Earl Gray tea & reading magazines. Ahhhh.


the "L" spot said...

your weekend sounds fabulous! simple weekends are so relaxing! I love the hangover and cherry limeades!

Nicole Jeannette said...

Loved the pictures and sounds like a great weekend! I'm glad we're like twins :) Yay for blog twins :)

Swiss Miss said...

Wow great pictures! Especially that abbey..looks all misty and mysterious. And yes, the tea and reading sound very nice!

jordan said...

i love how the hangover never gets old! every time i watch it, i laugh hysterically! also...your post from february 18th {the a-less post} seriously cracked me up.
cute blog :)

Gaia said...

And what about this weekend?
I will do nothing that could be very relaxing!
I'd love a bit of shopping...just a bit!
have a great weekend!

cupcake♥trash said...

I love the hangover too.

Cherry Lou said...

Love the pics.