happy birthday richard!

my love's 21st birthday was friday. i spent weeks planning a big party in fayetteville for him & lots of his favorite people. but by the time friday rolled around, we were completely snowed & iced in & unable to leave the house, much less drive two hours to fayetteville! i couldn't even get the poor guy to a liquor store so he could make his first legal alcohol purchase. :(

it was a big letdown, but i think i helped him to make the most of it. we went on the longest hike of my life even though it was frigid (he thinks we are bear grylls people) & discovered a beautiful cliff overlooking the river. we went sledding on saturday morning up in the mountains with my sister & two precious little girls. my niece hailey was such a good sport on our two-mile trek even though she was up to her little knees in snow!

it was quite inconvenient, but i absolutely loved our snowy long weekend together.


Nicole Jeannette said...

Aww happy birthday to the boy and congrats on the weight loss ;)

souljane said...


gorgeous photos!!

congrats on the trimming up :)

the "L" spot said...

so lame! I hate the snow. but at least you guys made the best of it! congrats on the weight loss though that is very exciting!!

Swiss Miss said...

hello my fellow map lover!
awesome photographs! sounds like a wild adventure too