Today in numbers.

Number of flights of stairs I climbed: 16.
Number of dollars it will take to fix my car, which broke today: 165.
Number of dollars I spent on parking: 12.
Number of dollars I spent on breakfast and lunch: 11.
Number of classes I had: 3.
Number of stories I edited or wrote today: 4.
Number of times I laughed because my PR teacher is Dolly Parton with dark hair: 15+.
Number of hours I worked: 5.
Number of hours I slept last night: 6.5.
Number of hours I'm going to sleep tonight: 10.

I hope tomorrow is better, less tiring, and filled with more things I want to do and less things I have to do. But I'm pretty sure that last part is impossible with my school + work schedule this semester. Sigh.


Carrie said...

what a cute blog post love it I might to borrow this one!!!!


elisabeth said...

um. this is pretty much amazing.
i love it!
i hope you had a better day after a long day like that :)