Red cup.

Red Cup

I'm officially in the Christmas spirit, thanks to this little red cup and A Very She & Him Christmas. We've finally started our Christmas shopping, and I love bundling up, grabbing some coffee and heading out into the cold with my love to shop for our family and friends. It's such a happy time of year!

If you're wondering why I haven't been around lately, let me tell you. I had four tests and lots of homework. I have been working on three articles for the paper. My best friend came to visit for the weekend. We went to the opening of a world-class art museum, which opened in my town last weekend (more about that later); went to Eureka Springs; ate lots of good food and shopped for books; spent hours in my bed, talking and laughing about old times and reading David Sedaris stories to each other and drinking wine; and just had a really great time together. Basically, I've been super busy. It's that time of the semester when everything starts getting really stressful, and hard tests/projects/papers become a daily occurance. Sigh! Thankfully I will be done with this little thing called college in May.

How are you?


Magical Day Dream said...

I am not yet in the Christmas spirit, in the Netherlands (where I live) we first have another holiday on the 5th of December: Sinterklaas. So I'm feeling that right now. I also like She&Him though :)



the lovebirds said...

i can relate to being busy with tests and load of homework. i'm waiting for the holidays to relieve me of my stress. ha ha. happy to have found your cute blog! xoxo

Jessi said...

I am really excited to start Christmas decorating!