This week was so rough. It seemed like everything went wrong, although now I realize that it certainly could have been much worse. Still, it was a tough week for me. But I prayed a lot. And you know what? Those prayers were answered in ways that I couldn't have imagined, and for the most part, everything ended up working out. It was a hard few days, but it served as an excellent reminder that I'm not in control, and I need to be more faithful and trusting.

One thing that did make me happy, though, was walking out on my balcony and seeing how beautiful this tree is right now! I don't know how I didn't notice it until just yesterday. (And I didn't edit that picture at all... it's really that bright!)


Amy Seager said...


So glad things worked out for you! I;ve had a rough week too but that tree is really beautiful and cheered me up so thank you!

I'd love you to check out my blog sometime too!

Keep trusting in God!

Love from

shopgirl said...

Hey Kelsi,

I'm sorry you had a rough week but glad to know that everything turned out well. Prayers do help and good for you for remembering to have faith. That's what it's all about....There's not a lot we can control in this world. But we sure can control our attitude about it.

p.s. this is tree is beautiful.


jill said...

Gorgeous, I wish there were more of a fall in LA!

x. jill
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